Rooflight & Velux Conversions

A Rooflight & Velux conversion are the same, this is when your loft conversion if formed within the existing roof space and without actually altering the profile of your roof.. A Velux loft conversion is the cheapest options and works best when you have ample headroom so you can make full use of all the space available.  Velux loft conversions require considerably less construction work and are not as disruptive as other forms of conversions. installation of Velux Windows is a fantastic way of making your loft space feel spacious by allowing natural light and air. If you would like more information about a Velux loft conversion, Call: our friendly team today on 0800 161 3815.

 Rafter Loft Conversion - Loft Conversion Manchester and Bolton

Flat Roof Dormer

Flat roof dormers give the maximum amount of additional internal space; the dormer is usually of a timber structure, tile hung to match the existing aesthetics of your home.
Rear Dormers are popular due to the fact that they create a large floor area and give good natural light through either large windows or even French doors. Internally a dormer will have a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls, which provide additional space that can make a conversion feasible. Depending on circumstance, planning permission is not always required as the conversion can be carried out with permitted development rights and meets certain criteria.

 Rafter Loft Conversion - Loft Conversion Manchester and Bolton

Hip to Gable & Hip End

Hip to Gable & Hip End Conversions: are for properties with a slopping side roof, which means that the side of your roof slopes inwards towards the ridge/chimney. A hip-to-gable style conversion would change the shape of the roof by extending the existing the ridge and giving you a much larger loft area. The new gable is generally built from timber and normally finished in hanging tiles to match the existing roof, a new section of roof is built to fill in the area. Generally houses with hip roofs do not tend to not have enough internal volume over their existing stairs, so a Hip to Gable is constructed to carry a new staircase.

 Rafter Loft Conversion - Loft Conversion Manchester and Bolton

Cottage Dormer

Cottage Dormer loft conversions are usually situated at the front of a property. The dormer is a vertical window with a roof of its own, positioned, at least in part, within the slope of the roof incurring a lead valley at either side. Cottage Dormers are a perfect way to achieve headroom where required and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

(Cottage Dormers have be in proportion with your existing roof volume, as once constructed they are an integral part of the overall design of the property if they are built to large the results can look dreadful, as they overpower the rest of the house)

 Rafter Loft Conversion - Loft Conversion Manchester and Bolton

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